Quantitative Ethnography Workshop: Applying the Tools of Quantitative Ethnography to Your Data is an interactive ICLS 2018 pre-conference workshop where participants will work together to analyze their own data using the tools of Quantitative Ethnography. Quantitative Ethnography is a method that combines qualitative and quantitative approaches in order to use Big Data to understand not just what learners do, but how and why they do it.

The goals of this half-day workshop are for each participant to:
Develop a foundational understanding of Quantitative Ethnography and two key tools for conducting Quantitative Ethnographic analyses
Find a meaningful result from their own data that they can refine in future work, ideally leading to publication of a special issue on current approaches to Quantitative Ethnography

This workshop will provide an overview of the methodology and hands-on experience with two tools: Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA), which quantifies and visualizes meaningful connections in data, and rho, a new statistical method for establishing the generalizability of inter-rater reliability metrics.

This is a data-intensive workshop where you get to apply the tools of Quantitative Ethnography to your own data, discuss your results with other participants, and receive feedback from experts in Quantitative Ethnography. If you decide to participate, organizers will work with you prior to the conference to format your data for analyses at the workshop. During the workshop, you will work in small groups to analyze your data, and you will have the opportunity to present your findings to the rest of the participants. Each participant will also receive a free copy of the book Quantitative Ethnography to support their ongoing work.